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Commercial and Residential Pressure Washing

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Brick Pressure Washing in Flint, Saginaw and Lansing

When was the last time the bricks on your home or commercial property were maintained? Are they as bright and blemish-free as they used to be? Porter Power Washing LLC are experts at revitalizing brick and other exterior surfaces. We offer comprehensive care that is tough enough to remove grease, oil, gum, graffiti, and mold, and gentle enough to leave your mortar firmly in place. During a free consultation, we’d be happy to discuss your unique infrastructure and cost options. This way we can help customize a cleaning schedule that is just right for you. Here are some of guarantees:

  • Fully licensed and insured service technicians who are bonded and trained up to date in the latest industry and safety protocol.
  • State-of-the-art exterior brick cleaner solutions including biodegradable options.
  • Fast turnaround times and no cut corners.
  • Set start and finish times so you can plan ahead and minimize any interruptions to your daily routine.
  • Courteous, uniformed staff who go above and beyond to meet your goals, and who are respectful of your property and belongings.
  • Upfront quotes with no hidden fees.

What is The Secret to Power Washing Brick So Well?

We’ve been known for our mastery in restoring brick back to its original splendor for a very long time and are well known for being an established power washing company with exceptional project management skills. Our secret to superior results lies in our ability to assess each unique job site and in selecting the best tools and personnel for the job. Here are some things to consider when pressure washing brick:

  1. Nozzle head choice is important. Disks are gentle on mortar and provide an exquisite clean that can’t be beaten. We have a large selection of diverse power heads to make getting even those most hard to reach places a breeze.
  2. Choosing the right psi can make or (literally) break your bricks. Too much pressure and the mortar will go flying, too little pressure and the resistant stains wont budge. It’s all about knowing where the balance is.
  3. How close the end of the pressure washer is to the brick plays a major role in how well your home or driveway pressure washer will turn out. It’s important to start further back until you find the sweet spot.

Finding the Best Pressure Washer in Town Made Easy

Connecting with the best pressure washer (for any home or commercial cleaning job) will mean not having to worry about a thing. Sit back and relax as we strip away years of grease, grime and residue to reveal beautiful, clean bricks that look just like they did when they were first installed. In addition to your bricks, here is a list of some of the other types of materials we can scour clean on your behalf:

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Pavement
  • Exposed aggregates
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Glass